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Can be integrated into the car without attracting attention. The VOSSOR Plus is the perfect Bluetooth hands-free car kit solution. Loudspeaker, microphone and display are located ideally at face level.

Even at maximum speed the view in the rear view mirror does not affect road safety. The number of the caller is shown and one keypress is enough to be able to speak.

The VOSSOR Plus is installation free. It only has to be locked on to the original rear view mirror and after a few seconds you are ready. The VOSSOR Plus has received many awards by the press.

Vossor Plus (TM)

  • Bluetooth Mirror Handsfree Kit
  • easy attachment on any Rear-view mirror
  • internal battery
  • up to 10 hours Talktime
  • up to 250 hours Standbytime
  • 12 digits display in the mirror
  • integrated speaker on the backside
  • integrated High-Quality microphone
  • Fullduplex through DSP-Technolgy
  • Voicedial (if supported by the mobile phone)
  • Pairing for up to three mobile phones
  • big mirror-part for greater safety
  • Dimension (mm): 280 (W) x 42 (D) x 95 (H)
  • Battery Voltage (Capacity): 3,6 V 1700 mAh · Power Consumption: 250 mAh
  • Compatibel with all mnobile phones that supports a Bluetooth Audio Profile.
  • Support for Headset- and Handsfree-Profile.
  • Bluetooth v1.2 Standard
  • Suitable for usage in all EU-countries